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The Nappy Hutt is Savannah’s first exclusive Natural Hair Care salon and Braid shop. The owner, Shawntel Waajid has contributed to the Natural Hair & Braid industry working directly for and alongside Taliah WAAJID (“”Queen of Natural, Curly, Coily Hair Care”) as previous stylists of the Taliah WAAJID Natural Hair Care Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shawntel M. Waajid

Have you met Shawntel M. Waajid, the co-owner of The Nappy Hutt Natural Hair Care Salon & Braid Center in Savannah, Georgia? The salon was established on February 4, 2012, and Shawntel is a beauty industry veteran with over 40 years of experience. She graduated from Atlanta Technical College with a degree in cosmetology and received her professional license in 2003. Shawntel specializes in Loc Maintenance, Extended Styling, and Natural Hair Care. She is a passionate educator and regularly teaches and sells her products at various hair shows, including the Bronner Brothers, Kevin Kirk’s Jam Session, Premiere Beauty Shows, and the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Healthy Lifestyle Event, Juneteenth Atlanta, and other hair and trade shows throughout the year. Shawntel also offers 2-day hands-on seminars focused on business, natural hair, and protective styling. Countless stylists have been trained by her and her team, and they plan to expand their training programs and salon start-ups up and down the east coast. Shawntel has even developed her own product lines for natural hair and skin care for men, women, and children: the Kings Solution and Shawntel Marie line of products. In the cosmetology industry, her ultimate goals are to open her own hair academy, establish a chain of Nappy Hutts across the country, and distribute her hair products and skin care for men and women nationwide. She is passionate about changing the financial trajectory of her community’s lives, and she gives back by making her seminars very affordable to almost anyone who has the desire to learn. Shawntel Waajid’s most recent accomplishment was becoming co-owner of Jelani Beauty Supply Store where she has combined her love for hair with her passion for products. Come meet Shawntel, hang out, share, and grow with her. Join her team, or simply learn from one of the best the industry has to offer.

Chrys La'Vonn - Master Loctitian, Natural Hair Care Specialist, Assistant Instructor, Salon Manager

Chrystalyn Paulin

Assistant Salon Instructor. Specializing in Locs, Extended/Protective Styling, and Natural Hair. Team Photographer and future filmmaker. Now booking in Savannah, Georgia and Bayonne, New Jersey (by appointment only)

Sarah Williams

Master Loctitian and Natural Hair Care Provider. 

Sarah Willaims - Master Loctitian and Natural Hair Care Specialist
Jibril Waajid

Jibril Waajid

Co-Owner. Master Loctitian and Natural Hair Care Specialist. Taking appointments for Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia. 

Our salon provides exceptional quality work and top-notch customer service. We offer a cozy and mature atmosphere that is both relaxing and professional. While you’re with us, enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, quality t.v. viewing, great conversation and smooth tunes.  During your appointment, our experienced stylists will provide a comprehensive hair analysis and consultation, as well as educate you on how to maintain healthy and strong hair. As we most assuredly respect your time, we aim to never overbook, and if there are any scheduling conflicts or delays, we will promptly inform you. Our pricing is always transparent and agreed upon in advance. Our salon philosophy is HEALTH OF HAIR FIRST AND STYLE SECOND. So please understand if we refuse to give you styles that are damaging to your hair. Our goal is to provide an unbeatable salon experience each and every visit, and we are honored to serve you as our valued customer. Thank you for choosing our salon!

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4425 Skidaway Road (Located inside of Jelani Beauty Supply Store)
Savannah, GA 31404

Salon Philosophy: Exude an unparalleled quality of work and excellent customer service. The salon is quaint, yet cozy, MATURE, soothing and PROFESSIONAL! Enjoy free Wi-Fi a cup of coffee/tea, or a beverage while you await your service or while under the dreaded dryer, Salon customers receive a thorough hair analysis and in-depth consultation , education on how to maintain healthy, strong hair, and healthy styling recommendations. We will not overbook, we will call you if there is a scheduling conflict or delay with your appointment, and we will honor agreed upon pricing. We promise you an UNBEATABLE salon experience. We look forward to serving you and being BLESSED with your patronage.


Tue - Friday :   9:30am–6pm

Saturday :   8:30am–6pm

Sun/Mon :  By Appointment Only

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