The Nappy Hutt Certified Training Seminars

imageedit_5_2620024848There are over 30 different styles that are taught within 19 different Full Day Seminars. You can attend one seminar or several seminars. Or you can attend one of our two BOOTCAMP Training Sessions jammed packed with hours of hair styling training. Our trainers not only have years of styling experience but they have a combined 26 years of teaching experience.

You are welcomed to check our calendar and attend one of our seminars or you’re welcomed to contact us and be the host to one in your town or nearby city.

All seminars below are full day seminars. They are extensive and cover sufficient information for anyone beginner or advanced student to be efficient in the style being taught to them. Every student must pass a level of competency in order to receive Training Certification from The Nappy Hutt.

Certified Group Seminars typically run between $175 – $300. The average is around $199. They are all full day seminars that can run between 8 to 10 hours.


Braids Training
Crochet Training
Basic cornrows w/extensions
(undetectable/feed braids)
Fishtail and
Goddess/French Braids

(with undetectable/feed technique)
Ghana/Banana Cornrows
Athletic Braids
(with extensions)
Natural Twists
coils/comb twists, 2 strand twists,
flat twists, 2 strand flat twists
Kinky Twists
& Senegalese Twists
Yarn Braids
Yarn Twists/Yarn Wraps
Faux Locs/Silky Twists
Loc Extensions, Loc Repairs, Loc Reinstallation

Loc Start
(basic partings, patterns, techniques)

Interlock for Lock Start
(similar to sister loc technique)
Interlock for loc Touch-up
Interlock for Weave, Bridges, Tree Braids
Havannah Twists, Cork Screws
Spring Twists/Da-Bomb Twists
                                     Pixie/Atifah Braids

Natural Hair 101
How-Tos (braids, cornrows, twists, combout, twist out, hair textures, rod sets, flat twists, 2 strand flat twists, shampoo/conditioning, product use)

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