Men-Touring is a self-contained package of speakers, presenters, and workshop leaders designed to complement traditional hair show events with thematic content focused on Black men, beauty, health and wellness, masculinity, race and culture. This is a very important conversation.

Historically, Black men have driven the conversation about style and masculinity in the United States as they have challenged and disrupted Eurocentric values. Whether it has been through the barber shop or Rasta brothers wearing locs before they were considered mainstream, Black men have been doing it natural for decades.

JibrilThe package has been created to appeal to people of all genders who love Black men and boys and want to see them thrive. Men-Touring brings together experts, thought leaders and professionals in the fields of cosmetology, health and wellness, spirituality, and community development to host important conversations affecting the lives of Black men and boys through workshops, panel discussions, lectures and presentations.

If you are a Black male or have a Black male in your life, this package of events will help you in nurturing Black men and boys to greatness.

We are proud to announce that our very own Jibril Waajid will be part of the panel. Come and join Us!

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