The Nappy Hutt is both proud and excited to announce that we are opening up a Natural Hair and Braiding Program.


This will allow students to enroll in a 4 week training course to learn over 30 different styling techniques and how to properly treat natural hair to prevent hair loss and hairline damage. The students will know enough by the end of the program to have no issue doing any of the 30 techniques and styles that will be taught.

The total training program will be 8 weeks with nearly 100 hours of instruction from professionals. All instructors, Jibril and Shawntel Waajid and Natrellia Smith have a total of 26 years of teaching and hair styling experience.


This training is for anyone and everyone. If you want a career change, want to make more than minimum wage, or just want to do what you love, this is perfect for you.


The first set of classes start June 1st, 2015. Find out how to get enrolled!

For more information, visit

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