The Nappy Hutt Loc'd & Loaded 2-Day Hands-On Seminar


No other seminar on the market currently offers the amount of information offered in the The Nappy Hutt – Loc’d & Loaded Seminar. My unique training guarantees to take you to the next level in the vast and lucrative world of locs. Whether you work solely as a loctitian or decide to incorporate locs into your existing salon services, your earning potential following this seminar is endless.
To master your craft you must learn basic and advanced loc start, maintenance and styling techniques. (Excludes SisterLocks). First you want to learn how to properly conduct a consultation, analyze Texture, determine Parting and Product use (Gels, Creams, Butters, Edge Control). Following the aforementioned, your next area of training will be Basic Loc Starts which consists of Coils/Comb Twists/2-Strand Twists/Braids. Next comes the Advanced techniques which consists of Interloc, Instaloc, MicroLocs (Braids/Twists), WickLocks, Loc Extensions/Re-Attachment/Repair. What’s more is the Bonus training that will include trending Loc Styles/Techniques such as Loc Smithing, invisible Locs, BelleLocs, Faux Locs. But you have to get the basics; i.e. Loc Grooming/Loc Maintenance, Palm Roll and Cast Wrap. Moreover, you can’t get the job done if you don’t Learn which tools to use for which loc techniques and/or loc styles.
Lastly, but most important is the Business aspect of being a loctitian. In addition to the hands-on training offered, on Day 2 you must come camera ready to take your Head Shots!  There are so many great stylists in the world but not enough entrepreneurs. We will cover Business Start-Up, Pricing, Advertising, Maintenance, Contracts, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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