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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES We are currently seeking 4 extraordinary individual to join our styling team. Chosen professionals will be trained in the skills and techniques you need to excel in the natural hair care and braiding industry. As a member of our styling team, you will offer natural hair and braid services and products to our customers. Licensed Cosmetologists wanted. Braiders are NEEDED. GREAT EARNING POTENTIAL!!!! If interested in teaming up with our company, please contact Natrellia Smith – 912-228-3943 for an interview.

Natural Hair and Braiding Training Program Launch

The Nappy Hutt is both proud and excited to announce that we are opening up a Natural Hair and Braiding Program.   This will allow students to enroll in a 4 week training course to learn over 30 different styling techniques and how to properly treat natural hair to prevent hair loss and hairline damage. The students will know enough by the end of the program to have no issue doing any of the 30 techniques and styles that will be taught. The total training program will be 8 weeks with nearly 100 hours of instruction from professionals. All instructors, Jibril and Shawntel Waajid and Natrellia Smith have a total of 26 years of teaching and hair styling experience.   This training is for anyone and everyone. If you want a career change, want to make more than minimum wage, or just want to do what you love, this is perfect for you.   The first set of classes start June 1st, 2015. Find out how to get enrolled! For more information, visit... read more

We’ll Miss You, TiTi Branch

Reports have surfaced today reporting that co-founder of Miss Jessie’s Products, TiTi Branch, 45, passed away on December 14, 2014. No official reports can be found to confirm this fact, but pictures of her funeral program and online memorials have been published on various sites and blogs throughout the day on December 14, 2014. Reports state that she died from asphyxiation, and it is rumored that she may have committed suicide. There has been no official statement given by representatives of Miss Jessie’s. When visiting their FB page looking for confirmation, there was none. I can say that there has not been a posting since December 3, 2014. I did not know her personally but respected their contribution to the natural hair industry. Miss Jessie’s products have been a constant and influential presence at the World Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show held annually in Atlanta, Georgia . Their products are used and distributed world wide. Rest In Peace, Titi Branch! A true pioneer whose absence will no doubt be felt throughout the beauty industry. My condolences to her family (business and personal). May they continue the work that she was so passionate about.... read more


Braids, Twists, Weaves are all considered protective styles that are worn to protect your hair from the weather, elements of the environment, during transition from relaxers to natural, from thinning caused by illness/medications, chemical damage, or to just give you a break from daily grooming. If done correctly, these are VERY HEALTHY choices of styling that could be worn for a month or more at a time WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR HAIR! Unhealthy Installation Techniques Unfortunately, most times these styles are done with the unhealthiest of installation techniques. Techniques learned from the neighborhood, taught in cosmetology schools or learned from someone who said they were a professional. Almost universally, the same unhealthy technique (knot braiding) is used. There is so much tension/tightness/pulling during installation, it becomes very clear your hair was not PROTECTED based upon the amount of hair loss you suffered when you took your hair down. Sadly, your hair doesn’t grow back. What makes someone a PROFESSIONAL? A professional stylist doesn’t necessarily mean a licensed cosmetologist because many times they are the very ones who are taking your hair out. A professional is any stylist who loves hair and the health of hair. Not someone who repeatedly gives you damaging styles just because you’ve asked for and paid them to do it. Professionals research their craft for the healthiest ways to grow and properly maintain hair. African Braid shops are the biggest culprits when it comes to tearing out your hairlines with their braids. Yet, they are considered the “professionals” in most every neighborhood. That is not a bash against Africans, however they have set this unhealthy and... read more

The staff is efficient and courteous. Love their work and the attitude in the establishment. They are always on time and start as soon as you walk in. Great atmosphere for kids as well. Very professional…

Pamela Tuttie Williams-Montgomery

Everyone there is polite, professional, and kind. They take their time doing your hair to make sure that your needs are met.

Davon Dukuly

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